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Family-Owned Business

Thomson Services provides superior dairy installations, maintenance, supplies, and new technologies to progressive farmers throughout Texas. We have received numerous awards including Best Dairy Service Company in Erath, Entrepreneur of Agriculture, and the Small Business Award of Excellence by the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.


Thomson Services has a variety of dealerships including Lely, Boumatic, Beco, Waikato, MilkRite, VES, Stimulite Lighting, AfimilkBioret Agri, and WHRL.  



Located in the heart of Texas, Thomson Services makes some of the nation's most progressive dairies even better.

Thomson Services maintains over forty dairy farms in Central Texas and is installing the first ever fully automated robot dairy in Texas.  


Thomson Services would like to create an individualized service plan for your business or dairy. Contact us today at 


Thomson Services can help you with all of your dairy and business needs including energy efficient solutions, chemicals, water solutions, cow comfort, chillers, tank leaks, udder care, cluster exchange and lighting. We have an exceptional service team that can install your new parlor or help keep your old parlor maintained and running smoothly.  


 Contact us today at ​254-445-1818!

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